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SPAB SEMINAR - 23/04/2020

A Snapshot in Time, The Digital Recording of Historic Fabric through Photogrammetry

Next Thursday I shall be holding a seminar on the on the use of Photogrammetry for the recording of historic fabric. This will be a short walk through of how I scan a site and the processes I use to generate and share a 3d model. While the model is generating in the software, I intend to open up to questions from the "virtual floor" to discuss the prospects of photogrammetry along with any questions about the SPAB and their scholarship program which I completed last year.

"Christian Montez of Montez Architecture leads this session on the use of Photogrammetry as a tool for recording historic fabric, including to keep an accurate record for the future and to give the opportunity for people to study a building or artefact from a distance. Christian will use some examples of his own work as case studies.

Christian was one of last year's Scholars, so this is also an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about our Scholarship programme. You can find out more about Christian and his work at or by find him on Instagram: @montezarch"

Date: 23/04/2020

Audience: Introductory, General Interest, Members only

Virtual event: held online Price: Free (members-only)

Brinsop Church, St George, Reardo, Photogrammetry
Brinsop Church - Reardos


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