Montez Architecture LTD specialise in working with listed buildings. Whether that be alterations, extensions or repairs, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the very best solutions for your historic property. The company was formed by former S.P.A.B Scholar Christian Montez who has worked both as an engineer and carpenter before studying architecture. This drives our ethos of looking for practical pragmatic solutions, whilst retaining as much of the historical character as possible.

Although the majority of our projects are within the historic sector, we do work on newer builds, most recently completing a collaboration with A Rule of Tum in Hereford to refurbish their two restaurants.


We have extensive knowledge in the conservation and repair of timber frame buildings, ensuring repairs are sympathetic and compatible to the original substrate. All to often we are having to visit timber frames, repaired to the best intention in the in the last decade but now suffering much worse decay due to the use of mismatched materials. We look to the past to guide our repairs, there is a reason why these buildings survived for 400 years and it is only in the last 50 - 100 years they have started to cause problems. All our repairs are vapour permeable using natural materials not only to provide a warm and dry atmosphere but also one which is healthy with a reduction in embodied chemicals.    


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