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Stone Farm - Broadwas

Probably one of the most interesting buildings we have on the books at the moment, another Grade II* timber frame building, but at the core of this is a 15th century open hall with quite magnificent attached solar wing and stair tower.

Our works looked to set out a repair strategy for the building and gain listed building consents for said repairs as well as a few minor alterations. Much research went into the building in a the form of a heritage statement and timber frame surveys, to ensure that we had a good understanding of the building! Consents were turned around quickly and approved within the statutory timeframe with no conditions.

Cruck to Hall

We are looking to return in the new year to carry out further repair strategies and listed building consents to help better make use of the building going forward. Further updates will be posted at the time.

We cant wait to see what's hiding under here!

Surveying the attic space


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