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Pound House

A quite fantastic example of a late medieval hall and solar in Worcestershire. Although as you expect it has an inserted chimney and floor, the original room layout remains much unaltered since this restoration period. Many years earlier than the list description lets you believe, the house retains its cross passage, twin doors to the solar and twin doors to the service end.

Our works here included for the photogrammetry survey of the building to provide us a basis for repair and conservation drawings for the project going forward. The listed building consent approvals were swiftly approved, we would like to think due to the concise and detailed nature of our works and historical research.

We spend much time on our drawings so that they accurately convey the buildings. The use of shading and line-weights give depth and understanding to the drawing making it easier to read and understand the buildings character.

Repairs to the building will begin in Spring 2022 with local artisans Adam Heath (Oak Framer), Ben Sinclair (Norgrove Glass Studios) and S Preece and Sons (Lime Plasterers)


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