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Our work is driven by calling on the styles and theories of the Arts and Crafts architects of old, who focused on understanding materials and working with the best craftspeople to conserve and shape the buildings around us. We believe that working as a team with craftspeople who have a passion for their field allows your project to receive the very best outcome. We aim to keep as much of the work in house as possible, be that from survey, planning and condition reports to ensure that we have the very best understanding of your project. 

Despite a focus on the past, as architects we like to use modern technology as much as pen and paper. Montez Architecture uses digital techniques to create clear graphics that both help to record and understand heritage assets. This includes drone flights and photogrammetry scans. 

Montez Architecture Ltd was incorporated in 2018 and has continued to expand working in various fields within Herefordshire and the surrounding counties. We have worked on a number of prestigious listed buildings across the country.


Due to our passion for heritage, we are often engaging in building recording and art projects as well as giving talks and seminars to local and national societies about building conservation today. Please see the links below for more information.  



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